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Rosaline Hill
Senior Planner, Development Consultant, Architect

Rosaline trained as an architect at the University of Waterloo from 1991-98 and worked as a junior architect in Toronto, Ottawa and London England. In 2001 she began working as an architect at Barry J. Hobin and Associate Architects in Ottawa, where she enjoyed an informal internship as a planning consultant. In 2011 she began her own architectural practice, continuing to provide planning consultancy; assisting infill housing developers in site assessments for highest and best use, and engaging in extensive community consultation. In 2019 she began research of infill housing patterns and neighbourhood change. In 2020 she initiated the ION Mapping Project, and developed ground breaking new approaches to plan the evolution of urban neighbourhoods. Her office has been hired by the City of Ottawa's Planning Department to assist in neighbourhood analyses, and has been instrumental in the City's shift toward form based zoning. In 2020 she founded Walkable Ottawa to collaboratively advance walkability in urban neighbourhoods. Rosaline is now also a Registered Professional Planning (RPP), having received her certification in 2023.

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Mirja Reid
Urban Planning Assistant,
GIS Analyst
Architectural Technologist, Building Code Consultant

Mirja graduated with her Bachelors of Urban Planning and a Minor in Geospatial Technologies from Concordia University in Montreal where she studied urban phenomena including sprawl, gentrification, and changes in greenhouse gas emissions. Mirja provides expertise in planning approvals through site analysis and zoning review, as well as assists Rosaline in working with municipalities to analyze context and regulations in order to better meet their housing targets with 'missing middle' infill. She is interested in understanding and communicating urban trends through mapping and GIS, and using spatial data analysis to help solve urban problems.

Alastair is an award winning designer of infill housing in Ottawa (Carruthers Cottages), with projects ranging in size from back yard coach houses to midrise apartments. He has extensive architectural technology and building code experience, having worked in the field since 2001. He combines a valuable mix of technical expertise and creative passion. His experience and knowledge base is critical to the office's work of analyzing and forecasting infill patterns, and testing ideas for new housing in existing neighbourhoods.

Ruth Vandergeest
Architectural Intern

Ruth graduated in 2019 with a Masters of Architecture, a Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies at Dalhousie in 2017, and in 2015 with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies specializing in Urbanism from Carleton University. Ruth has experience working in Ontario and Nova Scotia on a large range of projects, including façade redesign, and senior's long-term care campuses. Since graduation Ruth has worked as an intern architect at RJH Architect Inc. She has assisted in planning consultancy, building designs, building code analysis, drafting, and neighbourhood infill housing research.

Jonathan Harris
Planning Assistant, Tech Writer,
Office Manager

Jonathan brings detailed organization and administration to the team as Office Manager, tracking the progress of projects and client accounts, as well as assisting in business and strategic planning. Jonathan is a valued technical writer and planning assistant with years of experience in municipal approvals, acting as office file lead for planning applications including Site Plan, Rezoning, Severance, Minor Variance and Urban Design Review, while growing an ever increasing knowledge of Ottawa's zoning and planning processes.

Marcel Pelletier
Architectural Intern, Building Technologist

Marcel has been professionally involved in architecture since 1998. He worked with Douglas Hardie Architect for nearly 15 years as an Intermediate Technologist, Designer, and Project Leader. Marcel has worked for the AFGM Architects Consortium as Quality Assurance & Field Reviewer on the iconic West Block Restoration Project, current home of the country's House of Commons. He joined the RJH team in 2019 and works as lead field reviewer, technologist and designer. Marcel has a wealth of experience in construction site review, and lends a practical eye to planning and visioning exercises.

Karen Lindkvist
Urban Planning Subconsultant to the RJH Team

Karen has worked as an Architect and Urban Planner in Copenhagen, Beijing and now Ottawa. She has led projects on nature-based coastal protection for the Brøndby Municipality in the Copenhagen Capital Area and was a part of the neighbourhood implementation of Copenhagen's climate resilience strategy in their first climate resilient neighbourhood. Working for the Brøndby Municipality, Karen was Project Manager for the new Official Plan Strategy (2023-2027), and the Revitalizing Køge Bugt Beach Park project. She also negotiated the development of zoning by-laws for Kirkebjerg - a brownfield conversion from industry to housing, and was the Project Manager for the Future of Brøndby Strand densification project. Karen has developed large city planning strategies for both brown-field development and intensification of social housing areas and created new urban spaces. Prior to this, Karen worked as project manager in Copenhagen Municipality, focusing on protected and heritage parks, coastline, and green areas. She is currently a contract instructor teaching urbanism at Carleton University.

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