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ION Prototype Study


2021 - Present


Ottawa, ON

Intensification in Ottawa's Neighbourhoods (ION) is a prototype study modelling infill scenarios over a 25 year period. The study area includes only low-rise neighbourhoods inside the greenbelt, excluding the downtown core. 

ION provides graphical and accessible data to inform decision making about municipal regulations and investments, while enabling more meaningful stakeholder involvement.

ION models regulatory and municipal investment scenarios, and their cumulative impact of neighbourhood change in terms of population increases, car-centric vs. active lifestyles, emissions reductions, dwelling unit diversity, and changes in amounts of soft landscaping.


The ION Prototype is a showcase of the RJH methodology, using Agent Based Analysis and Geospatial Modeling. The ION output maps and data demonstrate the value of Form Based Zoning as well as the importance of walkability and transitional transportation solutions.

DISCLAIMER: The maps below are based on preliminary data and presumed underlying assumptions in order to demonstrate this Prototype. They should not be used as anything other than a prototype demonstration without full and complete datasets or assumptions reviewed by the municipality.

We welcome you to interact with and explore the scenarios illustrated in the two maps below. The maps both contain the same information, so that you can easily compare one against the other by selecting the criteria you are interested in, and the scenario you would like to apply to that criteria. Then do the same with the other map to compare different scenarios and criteria! 

Please note that the maps do lag for a moment when new selections are made. Additionally, for optimal viewing, we recommend using a computer with a larger screen, as opposed to a cellular device. Enjoy!

The Five Scenarios: Data Input and Output
Click here to read more about the ION Methodology:
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