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Suburb Houses

Creating a better future 
for urban Neighbourhoods 

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This is a challenging time for cities. We face Climate and Housing Crises and our neighbourhood residents often lead unhealthy and lonely lives. It's time to think differently about our neighbourhoods.
To plan differently. 
For decades we have aspired to have more walkable, equitable, green neighbourhoods, and now it is time to move this agenda forward, break down barriers to success, test new ideas through simulation, think outside the box (or inside it), and chart a new course with confidence. 
RJH provides the tools to put your municipal planning department in the driver's seat; to build and execute a new vision for existing neighbourhoods. 


Increase in average home price in Ontario between 2011 and 2021


Number of homes Ontario must build to address the supply shortage


Amount of land zoned for housing in Toronto that is restricted to single- or semi-detached homes
(Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force Report, 2022)
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